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Fairtrade Awards 2013

The Fairtrade Awards recognise the Australian supporters, retailers and licensees who take great steps to promote Fairtrade products and continue to help to create better future for farmers, their families and local communities in developing countries. The winners of the inaugural 2013 Fairtrade Awards were:

Santos Organics won the 2013 Fairtrade Speciality Retailer of the Year award, due to their outstanding commitment to empowering farmers and workers in developing countries by providing and promoting Fairtrade products.

Coles was awarded 2013 Fairtrade Retail Chain of the Year with support including nationwide in-store, catalogue and FlyBuys promotions for Fairtrade Certified products. Coles have continued to expand their own label Fairtrade Certified commitment on products such as Coles instant, ground and bean coffee, Coles Finest capsules innovation, and Coles English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea bags.

Fair Espresso was awarded 2013 Fairtrade Cafe of the Year Award. Located in Adelaide, Fair Espresso are passionate supporters of Fairtrade.

Australians voted for their favourite 2013 Fairtrade National Product of the Year, and Qi Detox tea was the winner. Distributed by Universal Village, Qi Detox tea is available from supermarkets and speciality retailers nationwide.

Etiko hitop sneakers were voted the 2013 Fairtrade Speciality Product of the Year. Etiko was also recently awarded the top rating of A+ in Baptist World Aid's Ethical Fashion Report for outstanding practices along their supply chain from farm to factory.

Fairtrade Supporter of the Year 2013 - Bek McClellan from Wheelers Hill, Victoria who demonstrated her passion and commitment to Fairtrade through powerful grassroots community education and engagement, and by campaigning retailers to provide Fairtrade Certified offerings. As the well deserving winner, Bek had the opportunity to visit Fairtrade farmers in PNG last March to see first-hand the impact that Fairtrade has.




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