#Choosefair with San Churro

You probably know San Churro for their indulgently awesome chocolate and coffee offerings, but did you know their menu is backed by an inspirational ambition to #choosefair?

Five years ago San Churro became the first national café chain to serve Fairtrade organic coffee across all their cafes, and in 2015 they’ve raised the bar! San Churro is now proud to be the first national chocolate café chain in Australia to use Fairtrade cocoa in their menu.

This October, San Churro committed to purchasing cocoa under the new Fairtrade Cocoa Program. The move to Fairtrade cocoa coincided with San Churro’s new menu launch, with all 48 cafés now using chocolate made from Fairtrade certified cocoa across a wide range of the new menu items.

“Our mission is to serve the best chocolate in the most delightful way” said Shan Churro Founder, Giro Maurici. “For us, this is not only about creating happiness for our customers but also assisting the farmers who grow our cocoa in breaking the poverty cycle and improving the living conditions within their communities. As such, we are proud and excited to now offer a Fairtrade option to our customers.”

Approximately 70% of the dark, milk and white chocolate menu items served at San Churro are now created using Fairtrade cocoa. These items feature the same iconic couverture chocolate imported from Spain, but now carry the added Fairtrade cocoa certification. San Churro’s Fairtrade cocoa doesn’t currently extend to their retail offering. 

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand CEO, Molly Harriss Olson, is also delighted about San Churro’s support of the Program, “Currently 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small-scale family farms, but only 1.2% of this is sold on Fairtrade terms; so it’s fantastic to see San Churro leading the way as the first chocolate café chain in Australia to give its customers a fair choice by serving desserts made using Fairtrade certified cocoa.”

Thanks to the new Fairtrade cocoa certification, customers can now feel even better knowing that their San Churro chocolate indulgence can help improve a cocoa farmer’s livelihood, through a stable source of income and a Fairtrade Premium to invest in community projects of their choice.

Now it’s up to you- time to #choosefair. To find your closest San Churro location click here


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