Meet the Fairtrade Farmers

Buying Fairtrade Certified products makes a real difference for the Fairtrade farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade means a better future for producers, workers, their families and communities in these countries.

In addition to providing a fair and stable price for their products, Fairtrade is helping farmers, workers and their communities build better roads, access health care and send their kids to school. Fairtrade also enables them to grow and develop their businesses ensuring they can improve life for their families and communities well into the future.

To learn more about the real impact Fairtrade is having on farmers' lives in developing countries visit our partners websites Fairtrade International and the Fairtrade Foundation.

Neknasi Coffee Growers Cooperative

Neknasi was proud to achieve Fairtrade Certification in May 2011, and are committed to improving the livelihood of their communities through the sustainable production of Fairtrade Certified coffee.

Keto Tepasi Progress Association

Keto Tapasi members are united by what they do best: the production of high quality Fairtrade Certified coffee.

Labasa Cane Producers Association

In 2011, Labasa Cane Producers Association (Labasa) brought Fairtrade to Fiji as the first Fairtrade producer organisation in the country, and is set to provide stability for sugar producers in an otherwise unpredictable commodity market.

Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative

Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) is one of the oldest Fairtrade Certified organisations in Oceania.

Adelberts Cooperative Society

Situated within a conservation area, Adelberts’ members have a keen understanding of their relationship with the tropical rainforest in which they live, and sustainable cocoa production ensures that the resource-rich landscape is preserved for future generations.

Huiwani Cooperative Society

The Huiwani story is one of optimism and empowerment.



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