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Adelberts Cooperative Society


Situated within a conservation area, Adelberts’ members have a keen understanding of their relationship with the tropical rainforest in which they live, and sustainable cocoa production ensures that the resource-rich landscape is preserved for future generations.

Adelberts Cooperative Society is located in Madang Province of Papua New Guinea, approximately 180 kilometres north of the city of Madang. Founded in 2007, Adelberts is made up of six villages (Itatawat, Dumudum, Turutapa, Avipa, Gurube and Urumarav) and 20 smaller clan groups. It is estimated that approximately 1,500 individuals receive benefits from the association.

Adelberts produces approximately 15 tons of cocoa per year. Cocoa is harvested throughout the year with the flush seasons from March to May and September to November. Cocoa is fermented in local fermentaries and dried with a combination of sun and hot air drying. 

Fairtrade Impact: 

Adelberts received Fairtrade Certification in 2010. In the first half of 2011, it began to sell its Fairtrade Certified cocoa to Monpi Cocoa Exports Limited of Madang. This partnership has provided Adelberts with access to the Fairtrade market. Although the Association is not organic certified, it produces cocoa without the use of chemicals and members have plans to apply for organic certification in the future. Members and their families look forward to the economic security and opportunities for development provided by access to global markets through the Fairtrade System.

The Fairtrade Premium is the sum of money paid on top of the agreed price for investment in social, environmental or economic development projects that meet the needs of producer groups.

In the future Alderberts plan to use the Premium to invest in the following problem areas:

  • High school fees and the remote location of schools interfere with children’s education.
  • Rates of adult illiteracy are high, especially among the female population.
  • Common health problems such as malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia which can only be treated in health centres located more than 4 hours away, and thus association members depend heavily on traditional medicine practiced locally.
  • The lack of stable road conditions connecting villages to the main highway is a significant challenge as it limits access to market.



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