Fairtrade & Your Business

Fairtrade is the most recognised ethical label in the world today. It represents a partnership between producers, NGOs, consumers and businesses big and small. Carrying the Fairtrade Mark on a product gives assurance to consumers that ingredients have been sourced in line with the Fairtrade Standards. Fairtrade  is an international system of standards for producers and terms of trade for their goods that ensure the world’s most marginalised farmers, workers and their families in 74 developing countries are adequately protected and can build a more sustainable future. Over six million people in these countries are benefiting from increasing sales of Fairtrade Certified products in more than 20 consumer markets across Europe, North America, Japan, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

Range of Products

In Australia and New Zealand a range of products currently carry the FAIRTRADE Mark. Coffee, chocolate, tea, bananas, rice, quinoa, sugar and nuts are among many of the Fairtrade Certified ingredients available to use on their own or in a wide variety of food and beverage products. Meanwhile Fairtrade cotton is being used in t-shirts, hoodies, fashion, bags and even shoes while Fairtrade soccer, rugby and Australian Rules balls are kicking goals on sporting grounds around the country.

View the Public Licensee Database for a list of businesses currently licensed to use the FAIRTRADE Mark in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on how your business can get in involved in Fairtrade please visit one of the links below.

I am a retailer, cafe or distributor looking to source and sell products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark.

I would like to source Fairtrade materials (eg green coffee bean) to use in products I manufacture and package.

I am an importer looking to source Fairtrade products from overseas.

I am a retailer (chocolatier/baker/pastry chefs) who would like to use Fairtrade Certified chocolate in my creations (Fairtrade Gourmet Project).



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